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About Husrukha Neuro Rehab,(North Lakhimpur)

Husrukha Neuro Rehab ,(North Lakhimpur) Centre has been in the field of physiotherapy since 2018. We derive immense pride and reputation owing to the fact that we provide humanistic, cost effective healthcare within an Humble Environment to our patients. We also provide facilities of Nursing where patients can stay till the treatment period. In these centre we provide remedy to following ailments: spondylosis, shoulder and arm pain, knee pain, low back pain, heel and foot pain, upper back pain, wrist and hand pain, neck pain and headache, pelvic pain, joint pain (involving multiple joints), knee and leg pain, paralysis, cp child, heart and lung disease, traumatic and athletic injuries, amputation, arthritic joints, stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, nerve injury. pre and post surgical cases, cardio-respiratory disease, women health management, sports injury, fracture cases etc

Dr Kulendu Bhuyan

– MD

What We Do

Our team of physiotherapists gets you back to normal activity through an individualised course of action. We provide pain management sessions to bring the patient into an active state in the possible fastest way. We provide expert recommendations and  expedited recovery guidance.

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Junmoni Dutta

Junmoni Dutta


About Junmoni Dutta (CMD)

Dr Kulendu Bhuyan

Dr Kulendu Bhuyan


About Dr. Kulendu Bhuyan (MD)

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